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CryptoBulls AMA Recap 10/13/21

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  • Here is a breakdown from the latest AMA presented by the CryptoBulls:

    CBT AMA – 10/13/21

    Liquidity Pool
    • $30K will be removed from the LP.
    o The project and development thus far have all been paid for out of pocket. Now that we are getting ready to release products, we need the additional funds to support the project going forward.
    o These funds will be used to fund future Marketing, Development, and Product Maintenance.
    o The equivalent ratio of tokens will also be pulled with the 30k. This will allow the chart to stay as is and not be affected. These tokens equaling 30k will be sent to the Contract and burned where they are not accessible by anyone.
    o NONE of these funds will be used to fund Salaries.
    o It is estimated that this 30k will last a total of 90 days. (10k per month)
    o The process of pulling from LP is the most logical way to use funds to advance the project without affecting the chart.

    • Billboards
    o We will now be placing billboards in specific areas one at a time instead of multiple states/cities at a time. This will allow for more exposure in one area since it will be saturated versus spread out.
    o 10 billboards starting in Chicago.
    o Date: TBD
    • College Crowd
    o Mister Crypto will be going to Sororities and Fraternities introducing them to what NFTs are and how to use our new platform
    o Our current social media community is already set in stone on what they like and don’t like. The idea of the college crowd is to get New Blood and New Exposure that we have never experienced before.
    o 1 by 1 boots on the ground marketing.
    o We will not be doing Poocoin ads and paying influencers. This does not work out for the long run and does nothing good for the project. Waste of funds. We want long term investors and new investors.
    • Social Media
    o More diverse Marketing. Including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, CB Academy, TikTok, etc…Utilizing the teams accounts that have many followers to help push out the word and education. These are our Echo Chambers.
    o Search Engine Optimization. SEO will be implemented and improved so that our platforms come up as popular searches across the internet and other platforms.

    NFT Platform
    • Target Release date is this weekend. This is subject to change once adjustments and testing has been made. We are currently on track for the weekend of 10/15/21.
    • Support is our biggest concern. We want to make sure we can be there for the support issues on launch. So, it is very important to make sure we don’t see any issues before launch. We want to make sure when live we can also support all incoming issues reported if any.
    • Backend has been vetted including contract, funds, and configuration.
    • Currently testing the front-end functionality and features before live release/production.
    • Soon after the release, you will be able to bring your NFTs that you own from other platforms into our platform!!! This is HUGE!!!!
    • We want to make sure we don’t overload our system. From the tech and support we want to make sure we roll out strategically so that we don’t have any bottlenecks we can’t undo. So certain features will be released one at a time to prevent this from happening.
    • We have a bag of tricks and exciting features innovated that will be rolled soon after initial launch.






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